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Why Callideo?

How We Got Here

In late 2020, the leadership of Vector Consulting, Inc. – an established and respected IT workforce solutions firm – strategized how best to better serve and grow their federal business. The seeds were planted.

The mission was clear: Provide even more focused IT services and solutions to federal government clients and systems integrators.

The goal was simple: Advance business transformations and modernizations more efficiently and effectively.

The how became obvious: Invest in an operational strategy that is leaner, faster, and value-driven.

The solution: Spin-off all federal government business into a new and independent entity to be known as Callideo.

A New Name, Already a Trusted Partner

Callideo (pronounced ‘kal-lee-dee-oh’) radiates a renewed and focused energy on the needs of federal agencies and prime systems integrators. By leveraging Vector’s 10-plus years of serving federal government clients, Callideo is ready to build an even greater legacy as an exclusive provider of IT Technology Solutions.

The name Callideo is rooted in two Latin words: “callidus” meaning knowledge, clever, fiery and spirited; and “contineo” meaning a continuum, connection, or something held close. That’s Callideo for sure, but in our DNA is much more.

We never forget the importance of teamwork, loyalty, and respect in all our dealings. And, we always remember that our performance is a credit to our talented and dedicated people.

Time for a comprehensive digital transformation, upgrading existing or adding new technologies? We’re at your service.

TRUST | Technology Transformation

Looking ahead, Callideo will thrive on a legacy of proven performance with values centered on trust and shared success. Acting with integrity and operating with transparency, we do the right thing -- even when it is not easy. Our stakeholders (clients, associates, vendors, and shareholders) can count on it.

Learn more about the Callideo BRAND.

Learn more about the Callideo BRAND.

seed of trust

We Sow The Seeds of Trust...

  • Through technical expertise in goal-driven IT Modernization and Digital Transformation;

  • Delivering solutions in Custom Apps, Enterprise Services, Data Analytics, Cloud Services, and Dev Ops;

  • Thinking strategically, acting collaboratively, and solving problems.

  • We are a financially stable, small, minority-owned, disadvantaged IT business;

  • Serving federal agencies and their primes for more than a decade.

Our Yield? Shared Success.

TRUST | IT Modernization & Digital Transformation

More than our slogan, it’s the very heart of our business. Federal agency clients and their systems integrators have selected us again and again. They trust us. They trust our solutions.



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Working with Prime Systems Integrators



Completed for Primes and US Federal Agencies


Technology Focus Areas

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IT Talent Focus Areas

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Callideo's DNA is rooted in knowledge and connection.

Callideo's DNA is rooted in knowledge and connection.

Our proven performance thrives on trust and shared success.

Our proven performance thrives on trust and shared success.

Staying Engaged

I truly appreciate your follow-ups. It shows I matter to you. You matter to me.
Thank you.

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TRUST | Technology Transformation

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