Taking Initiative, Troubleshooting, and Investigating

“Your team on-boarded quickly and has shown so much initiative, drawing on their expertise to spot issues and make suggestions. We’ve already begun to rely on them for troubleshooting and investigating new directions for our AWS migration work and are thrilled to have them on the team, especially as the work becomes more complex.”

Project Manager

Prime Contractor to US Federal Government Agency
The Right Fit

“This contract position was a perfect fit for my skills and experience.”

Team Member

Exceptional Team Member

“The [Training] Team is really pleased with R.’s work. He has done a great job learning our complex workflow management tool putting his knowledge to good use by leading workshops and creating training materials to help customers learn the tool. He’s a great facilitator and has received several compliments from the client. We also appreciate his communication with us about bandwidth and deadlines. We look forward to his continued contributions to the Team.”

Project Manager

Prime Contractor to US Federal Government Agency

    New York

      Working with US Federal Agencies
      Working with Prime Systems Integrators
      Completed for Primes and US Federal Agencies
      Technology Focus Areas
      DevOps, Cloud, Analytics, ERP
      IT Talent Focus Areas
      Program Manager, Project Manager, Architect, Administrator, Developer, Tester, Trainer

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